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What Would a Global Switch to LED Bring to the Earth

Sabrina Pelissero (Global Marketing Department)

2016-03-16 15:16:22

What Would a Global Switch to LED Bring to the Earth

We are approaching Earth Hour 2016, which falls on March 19. Across the world homes and businesses will turn off the lights for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm in their local time zone to show support for saving energy.


Earth Hour is a yearly activity to raise awareness of the need to reduce our energy usage, but ReneSola is a firm believer in making the switch to energy efficiency permanent by replacing traditional light bulbs with LED lighting. So what exactly would be the benefit to the world?


First of all, lighting is a major drain on energy resources, accounting for around 25% of global electricity consumption. Moreover, lighting is responsible for 6% of global gas emissions. A global switch to the LED technology would dramatically reduce demand for energy and curb the emission of harmful gasses, making the Earth cleaner and more livable for us all.


Several studies have shown that if all the countries in the world switched to LED lights, we could reduce the global power bill by USD100 billion, which would allow more money to be spent on social and environmental projects thereby raising living standards and life quality worldwide.


However, saving money is not the only good consequence of cutting energy consumption: our environment would in fact receive the biggest benefit, with a reduction of 800 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. That’s like shutting down 685 coal-fired power stations or taking three quarters of all cars off of US roads.


How does LED lighting provide such positive effects? LED lights have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, or about 6-12 years of usage depending on how often they are turned on. Compared to traditional lights, LED bulbs are also 100% recyclable.


So this year don’t just turn your lights off for one hour but switch to LED lighting and permanently reduce your energy consumption and electricity bill. Let’s contribute to a brighter future together!


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